When it comes to programming/coding, I mostly work with Perl, but I enjoy C/C++ and even Python and PHP on occasion.

My passion for coding is in improving things for both developers and consumers of software. I enjoy writing tests so that I know (my) code works. I enjoy writing documentation so that others may understand and use my code (including future me). I enjoy developing test suites to make testing complex software easier. I enjoy writing tools to simplify redundant, tedious, or onerous tasks. I enjoy optimising code, debugging code, fixing code, and I even enjoy throwing code out when it's no longer needed. From time to time, I will also design, implement, and improve the processes surrounding coding, documentation and testing.

I think a project benefits from having happy, or at least content, developers, and we developers are happier when we're not fighting with our own creations and those of others. We can be far more efficient and productive when working with tools and systems that work for us, not against us.

Outside of computers, I spend my time hiking and climbing with friends, when I'm not eating, watching movies, or reading.

And I think it's fairly obvious that I am not a web/UI designer/developer.

-- Matthew Horsfall (alh)